The risk factors for Type 1 diabetes are still being researched. However, having a family member with Type 1 diabetes increases the risks for developing the condition, as do the presence of some genetic factors.

Risk factors have been associated with Type 2 diabetes:
 Diet and physical inactivity
 Tobacco use
 Excessive consumption of alcohol
 Increasing age
 Insulin resistance
 Family history of diabetes

Factors associated with the rapid increase in number of people with type 2 diabetes
 Changes in diet and physical activity
 Ageing populations
 Rapid economic development and urbanisation

Risk factors for Gestational Diabetes:
 Diagnosed with Impaired Glucose Tolerance
 Family history of diabetes
 Previous pregnancy in which baby weighed more than 4 kg
 Previous history of gestational diabetes

Reference: www.idf.org/about-diabetes/risk-factors