At present, there is no cure for diabetes but effective treatment is available. One can live a long and healthy life if diabetes is managed properly. Good diabetes control means keeping your blood sugar level as near normal as possible.

Type 1 diabetes
 Daily injections of insulin are required to control the level of glucose in the blood. Without insulin, people with Type 1 diabetes will die.
  A combination of daily insulin therapy, close monitoring, healthy eating and regular physical activity enable people with Type 1 diabetes lead a healthy life.
  With the help of insulin therapy and other treatments, even young children with type 1 diabetes can learn to manage their condition and live long, healthy, happy lives.

Type 2 diabetes
 People with Type 2 diabetes do not usually require daily injections of insulin to survive.
 Insulin may be prescribed together with oral medication, healthy eating and increased physical activity to manage Type 2 diabetes.

Good Diabetes Care

Requires a combination of:
 Insulin and/or drug treatment
 Physical Activity: a goal of at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day (e.g. brisk walking, swimming, cycling, dancing) on most days of the week.
 Body weight: weight loss improves insulin resistance, blood glucose and high lipid levels in the short term, and reduces blood pressure. It is important to reach and maintain a healthy weight.
 Healthy Eating: avoiding foods high in sugars and saturated fats, and limiting alcohol consumption.
 Avoiding tobacco: tobacco use is associated with more complications in people with diabetes.
 Monitoring for complications: This includes regular foot and eye checks, controlling blood pressure and blood glucose, and assessing risks for cardiovascular and kidney disease.