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Mrs. Eva Muchemi is the Executive Director; Kenya Diabetes Management & Information Centre (DMI) which is based in Rose Flats, Hurlingham; Nairobi. She is married with grown children.

She has a BA Social Work and Administration from Nairobi University and a Diploma from Strathmore University in Advanced Health Care Management (AHCM). In addition, Eva has broad exposure in diabetes health management issues, research and mitigation efforts partly acquired working in a school which exposed her to diabetes related health challenges among young people and also serving with a medical NGO dealing with NCDs related to heart problems in Children. She has also served in a Cancer-Hospice care facility giving her wide experience and knowledge in diabetes management and publicity programs.

At DMI she offers leadership and administration support in the numerous publicity and diabetes mitigation activities that run on a monthly basis throughout the year at the headquarters and across the counties.

Eva has been with DMI since inception in 1999 and was mainly attracted by the organization specifically to find out more about the diabetes disease which had afflicted her father who went untested until it was too late. By the time her father was properly diagnosed, he already had kidney complications which lead to his untimely demise at a relatively young age.

From this point onwards, Eva developed a passion to inform the public about the diseases and to offer them relevant information to reduce stigma, help them seek professional diagnosis, medication and proposals for lifestyle adjustments to enable those with diabetes to live healthy lives free of complications.

DMI is involved in Medical camps across the counties sponsored by Safaricom Foundation and another program that offers about 2,500 school going children with free Insulin supported by Novo Nordisk. DMI is also involved in the re-training of health care professionals in the 47 counties in partnership with the Health Ministry.
At the Nairobi headquarters office, there is a dedicated diabetes testing facility which runs daily. Medical camps and provision of insulin is an ongoing activity in the counties. Every year DMI holds a walk and a Golf Tournament for public awareness and to raise funds for sustaining the programs.

DMI activities and publicity programs are run in mainstream media channels to inform and educate all people, health professionals, diabetes advocates, the general public, media and governments to unite in raising awareness to improve the lives of people with diabetes and those at risk.

The Kenya Diabetes Management and Information Centre (DMI Centre is a not-for-profit registered medical charity founded in May 1999 with the aim of educating the public about diabetes. This was in response to the alarm raised by various international and local organisations about the increase in the number of people diagnosed with diabetes.

DMI Centre summary profile- we engage in community and schools programmes.

DMI’s Vision

To develop, document and deliver comprehensive programmes for creating public awareness in, and for prevention, diagnosis and management of diabetes.