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Commenced as a 5-year project in August 2008 with funding from World Diabetes Foundation.Incorporated into the Novo Nordisk CDiC in 2011.

Project objectives
To improve the management of diabetes and quality of life of children living with Type 1 diabetes

Project aims

  • Provide insulin, glucometers, glucose testing strips, lancets, syringes and needles at no cost to children with Type 1 diabetes
    •  Educate and counsel children with Type 1 diabetes from disadvantaged backgrounds in Kenya


  • Monthly review of the children at the Centre and monthly supplies of insulin and blood glucose monitoring materials
    • Home visits to monitor children in their home environment and educate family members/care givers on diabetes and its management
    • Three-day residential camps for children with diabetes held during the school holidays
    • Parents’ forums to educate and counsel parents and caregivers on management and psychosocial aspects of diabetes

214 children are enrolled on the programme (May 2012)

Recent activities
• Parent’s forums,18 April and 20 March 2012:194 parents and caregivers attended
• Diabetes Youth Camp, 18 to 21 April 2012: 58 children and adolescents with Type 1 diabetes attended
• Education forum for children and their parents and caregivers, 13 December 2011. Each child received a Diabetes Diary donated by Abbott Diabetes Care South Africa.