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Children care outreach

At the Centre we are looking after 400 children and young people below 18 years who receive constant supplies of insulin, testing machines and strips, and a chance to attend the 3 days camps with their parents/guardians. We also a parents forum every school holiday and all parents/guardians are screened annually for diabetes and hypertension and continuous education given.

Currently there are hubs in the Counties collecting Data through the Changing Diabetes in Children Programme which is funded by various organisations. Hopefully as the programme expands we will have a clearer idea of diabetes and even other NCDs.

These hubs are the former Provincial hospital s with a few Sub- County hospitals serving as spokes attached to them. Currently the listed numbers from 9 hubs is 2,100. This number is for up to 18 years

Adults: As a rule of the thumb, adults form the majority of those with diabetes. These are 85% of the total numbers in any area.


From the MOH STEPS Survey of 2016, Kenya has a Diabetes prevalence rate of 3.2%. Of this number: 85% have Tpe2 diabetes and mainly adults

5-10% with Type1 diabetes that affects those below 35years

5%  with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) or diabetes in pregnant women


Management of the condition- A wide range of Education and Awareness programmes in the community about risk factors- Physical inactivity, Unhealthy diets, Tobacco and Alcohol use and overuse