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Comprehensive Diabetes Care in Kenya (2009-2015) Phase 1

Mainstreaming and Expanding National Diabetes Comprehensive Care in Kenya; Phase II 2016- 2020

This is a partnership with the Ministry of Health, the Counties especially in the 2nd Phase and World Diabetes Foundation.

This is a retraining programme for professional health care providers on recent technological developments in diabetes and NCDs trends in prevention and management. This programme has trained doctors, clinical officers, nurses, lab technologists, pharmacists and counsellors mainly from public health institutions with emphasis on Sub-County hospitals.

This project has a critical component on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) to highlight that Diabetes in pregnancy is a cause of miscarriages and children dying at birth due to congenital malformations. 50% of the pregnant women with diabetes if not followed up with education, develop diabetes within 5-15 years. The children born to such mothers also are at higher risk of developing diabetes later in life.