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Our Services

DMI provides services to people with diabetes, their caregivers, healthcare providers, the general public and other stakeholders involved in diabetes.

1. Services to the community and individuals:

  • Education and training on diabetes management and prevention
  • Health education
  • Diabetes awareness activities: learning institutions; community and social groups; corporate organizations
  • Diabetes screening and monitoring: blood glucose, blood pressure, weight and BMI
  • Foot care: education on foot care, foot screening and monitoring for early detection of foot complications, referrals for foot and diabetic wound management
  • Community medical camps: organized in rural areas countrywide


2. Training on diabetes management

  • Healthcare providers
  • Lay educators

3. Diabetes youth camps

  • 3-day residential camps for children and adolescents with Type 1 diabetes organized during school holidays
  • Contact us to join other young people with diabetes

4. Provision of insulin to young people aged below 18 years with Type 1 diabetes from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

5. Parents’ forums for parents of children with diabetes: education and counseling sessions

6. Home visits to monitor children with type 1 diabetes