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On Sunday 21st Oct, DMI carried out sessions on Strengthening Community Diabetes Awareness, Education and Screening’in Muranga North. This project wasfunded by Rockefeller Foundation

The specific venues were:
  • Mbiri Primary School.
  • Mukuyu Social Hall.
  • St James ACK.
  • Kahithe ACK.
  • Njumbi ACK.
  • Mugoiri Catholic Church.
  • Kiria-ini Catholic Church.
The Diabetes Educators were given an opportunity to briefly address the assembled congregation on ‘ Prevention and Management of Diabetes’ as part of the Churches’ Role in Health Promotion.

After the church services, those willing were tested for height / weight, random blood sugar and blood pressure.

The total number of those screened for height/ weight, random blood sugar and blood pressure was approximately 620.

During the sessions , each participant was given a minimum of 2 Brochures printed in Kiswahili / Kikuyu for sustainability of enhanced community diabetes prevention and management. Those who benefited on this day would in turn educate their family members and friends using these brochures as reference materials.

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