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Diabetes Campaign Day, UNON Gigiri (13th November 2012)

Seventy-five staff members registered to participate in the diabetes campaign day. Seventy-one persons, male to female ratio (36:35), including five people with diabetes (4 male: 1 female), filled the JMS Diabetes checklist and were assessed for diabetes risk.

Six (8.5%) and 11 (15.5%) of the staff members were scored as high diabetes risk and borderline diabetes risk, respectively. All such persons were counselled by the diabetes experts present.

Twenty-one (30%) participants were found to be obese, (BMI >30) while eight men (22%) had waist circumference greater than 104 cm and 14 women (20%) had waist circumference more than 90cm.

Only one staff member was found with high blood sugars.

It is anticipated that this will become an on-going campaign.

     Diabetes educator and a client

     Session on weight management

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