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Strengthening Diabetes Awareness, Education and Screening
Activities were held on Sunday 2nd December 2012.

The venues all in Muranga South, were:

1. Kenol Catholic Church;
2. Maragwa Catholic Church;
3. Gatura Catholic Church;
4. Maragwa Ruragwo ACK;
5. Makuyu ACK;
6. Karigu -ini ACK;
7. Kangari ACK;
8. Mukerenju ACK;
9. SabaSaba Salvation Army Church;
10. Kabati Independent Church.

Most of the religious leaders had allowed the diabetes educators a minimum of 20 minutes to sensitize the congregations on diabetes awareness, education and the importance of early diabetes screening. Although the diabetes educators must have reached out to more than 2000 people as most of the churches had a capacity of 500 people and above, the rains that poured throughout the day forced most of the people to hurriedly leave for their homes. All the same they were happy to receive reading materials on diabetes prevention and management.

Those who participated in the screening of height, weight, random blood sugar, blood pressure were approximately 950. This group received more information on interventions for diabetes prevention and management. Out of this group, those with abnormal random blood sugar and blood pressure screening were referred to hospitals and diabetes centers for further medical investigations and management.

The chairlady and a few members of the Murang'a diabetes support groups appealed to those found to be living with diabetes and hypertension to join them in their support groups where they can learn more about diabetes management skills.

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