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About DMI

The Kenya Diabetes Management and Information Centre (DMI Centre is a not-for-profit registered medical charity founded in May 1999 with the aim of educating the public about diabetes. 

This was in response to the alarm raised by various international and local organizations about the increase in the number of people diagnosed with diabetes.

DMI Centre Profile

DMI engages in community and schools programmes as an ongoing concern. DMI’s Vision is to develop, document and deliver comprehensive programmes for creating public awareness in, and for prevention, diagnosis and management of diabetes.

Services to the community and individuals.

We offer services on :-

– Education and training on diabetes management and prevention

– Health education

– Diabetes awareness activities

– Diabetes screening and monitoring: blood glucose, blood pressure, weight and BMI…

Private & Group Events

  • Training on diabetes management
  • Diabetes youth camps
  • Parents’ forums for parents of children with diabetes
  • Home visits to monitor children with type 1 diabetes



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(+880) 123 456 7898
(+880) 123 456 7898

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