Key Achievements of DMI Centre

Our Achievements

  • More than 123,000 community members sensitised on diabetes during various forums in different regions of Kenya (e.g. free community medical camps)
  • Different cadres of healthcare professionals educated and trained on diabetes management; management of diabetes in children; diabetic foot, foot care and wound management.
  • School pupils, students, teachers and parents sensitized on diabetes and healthy living
  • Implementation of the National Diabetes Comprehensive Care programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Health – the National Diabetes Strategy one of the outputs of the programme
  • Funding received: World Diabetes Foundation, Safaricom Foundation, Safaricom Ltd, Association of Kenya Insurers, Kenya Power Ltd, The Rockefeller Foundation,
  • Management of diabetes and quality of life of more than 300 children/young adults, from disadvantaged backgrounds, living with type 1 diabetes in Kenya improved. Children and parents/care-givers empowered to manage type 1 diabetes via education; counseling; provision tools for diabetes self-management; and participation in diabetes youth camps, parents forums, home and school visits.
  • Adults and children living with diabetes and their care-givers educated on diabetes management, nutrition and physical activity
  • DMI’s Diabetes Children’s project funded by WDF used as a model for rolling out of diabetes care for children with type 1 diabetes in Kenya: 10 centres rolled out in various regions (Changing Diabetes in Children programme)
  • Funding received: WDF, Novo Nordisk, Johnsons & Johnsons, Safaricom Foundation, Safaricom Ltd
  • People living with diabetes educated on diabetes self-management and blood glucose control
  • Foot care education provided to all persons living with diabetes as part of the diabetes education programme
  • Aspects of psychosocial aspects of diabetes in children discussed during parents forums and diabetes youth camps
  •  Individual counselling on psychological aspects of diabetes provided
  • Formation of diabetes support groups