Our Projects



These are the current projects DMI is currently actively participating in:

  • Fundraising children project: The project involves the training of children, parents/guardians, printing of IEC materials, patient education manuals and posters. World Diabetes Foundation (WDF)
  • Changing Diabetes In Children project. The project has the following objectives: Establishing specialized clinics for children with type diabetes following a ‘hub and spoke’ concept; Providing necessary equipment to clinics as well as other supplies; Making available free-of-charge insulin for children participating in the project for the project duration; Establishing a diabetes registry; Educating and training doctors and nurses, and Educating children with diabetes and their families (Novo Nordisk)
  • CISU-NCDAK PROJECT. Enhance the capacity of the NCDAK and the groups of PLWNCDs (including youth) based on democratic and inclusive principles with a particular focus on coordination of activities in the two priority counties. (NCDAK)
  • NCDI - COVID 19 Project : Responding to Adolescents and Young Persons living with Type 1 Diabetes during the COVID-19 Outbreak (AIHD)



DMI has been involved in many projects and programmes in Kenya with local and international organizations:

  • The National Diabetes Comprehensive Care Programme (2004 - 2019): The National Diabetes Strategy (2010); Diabetes Clinical Guidelines; training of healthcare providers; setting up of diabetes care centres in County Referral, County and Sub-county Hospitals in all counties, World Diabetes Foundation (WDF)
  • The National Diabetes Footcare Project (2008-2017), World Diabetes Foundation (WDF)
  • The Promoting Healthy Living through Schools Project (2014-2018) educated school pupils on healthy living for prevention of diabetes and related non-communicable diseases (NCDs), World Diabetes Foundation (WDF)
  • Strengthening Community Diabetes Awareness Project in Central Province (2011-2013). More than 6000 persons were screened and educated on diabetes, Rockefeller Foundation